Weldmesh Gabions

BRC WELDMESH GABIONS is a unique structure of electrically welded steel wire at every intersection, with varying wire size and mesh openings allows its uses in thousands of applications. Because it consists of steel wire, welded at the joints, BRC WELDMESH GABIONS is strong, and it can be cut, bent or shaped to satisfy any required application, without any loose of strength.

BRC Weldmesh are available in galvanized wire BS443 and ASTM A641 or PVC Coated steel Galvanized. Wire are from cold drawn wire with high tensile strength to BS4482 and ASTM A82.

BRC Weldmesh boxes and mattresses gabions are supplied in a semi-assembled collapsible form delivered to the site wit sufficient rings and/or tying wire to complete the assembly.

Diaphragms are provided to control any movement of the fill within the gabion at 1 meter intervals on all size of gabions 2 meters or above in length.

Standard unit size, mesh and wire dimensions are shown in the following tables. In addition to these, other size can be manufactured to individual specifications.

Standard size of Gabions /Mattresses Units

Length Width Height
1m 1m 1m
2m 1m 1m
2m 1m 0.5 m
3m 1m 1m
3m 1m 0.5 m
4m 1m 1m
4m 1m 0.5 m
6m 2m 0.15 m
6m 2m 0.225 m
6m 2m 0.3 m

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